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Voyages of Americo vespucio

In 1504, a letter was published and was found to be a proof of Americo vespucio written by him to Soderini about a visit to a “New World” after going from Spain in 1497 in the month of May and returning back in October 1498.

The Scholars doubt about the existence of any such historical event that is the whether such a voyage took place. They considered the letter as an attempt to deceive the mankind. The writer of the letter made deep observations of the customs of the place using hammocks.

It is believed to have happened between 1499 – 1500. Vespucci entered to join the Services in Spain and worked as a fleet commander, an expedition with Alonso de Ojeda.The main purpose of this was to go on a voyage around the End of South African mainland into the Indian ocean. They hit the land at a coast which is present day Guyana. Both of them now seemed be parting ways as they got separated  and then Americo vespucio went southward while sailing and then he found the opening of the Amazon River and when he turned around he saw Trinidad and Orinoco river and saw the way to return to Spain through the way of Hispaniola. This letter was written to Lorenzo di Pierfrancesco de’ Medici. It also was the first time when Vespucci expressed his longitude technically and celestially on August 23 of year 1499. This can also be a fraud only pertaining to the letter’s presence and likelyhood.

The “considered last” voyage of Americo vespucio was the third one which was led in Service of Portugal by Goncalo Coelho in 1501- 1502.

When Amerigo and Goncalo departed from Lisbon,they first sailed to Cape Verde and there met two ships coming back from India. The ships were of Pedro Alvares Cabral. In the letter that was written from Cape Verde, Americo vespucio said that he hoped to explore the land where he found the ships of Pedro Alvares Cabral. He intended to sail to Asia. Then when he reached Brazil’s coast, they started sailing southwards reaching Rio De Janeiro. The account if believed to be true, they reached Patagonia before they returned back although it is doubtful since he never ever mentioned the estuary of Rio de la Plata in his accounts. After half the expedition completed, Vespucci created a Map of Alpha, Beta centauri and Constellation Crux. These stars were known to Ancient Greeks but they had forgotten due lowering of them below European horizon.On returning to Lisbon, he wrote a letter to d’Medici and saying that the lands they discovered were much larger than what they had thought they would be.He also said that they were different from Asia as described by Marco Polo and Ptolemy, Europe and Africa hence called them the new world which he meant was an existing but unknown continent.The voyage took place in 1503 – 1504 but there is very less knowledge or proof whether this voyage even took place or not.

The Voyages of Americo vespucio have helped people to know about the continents and land masses existing on this Earth.

Americo vespucio – early life and expeditions

Americo vespucio took birth in Ognissanti, Florence. He was a great Italian financier, explorer,  cartographer and navigator. He was born on March 9, 1454. The Americas have got their name from the Latin version of his first name “Amerigo”. Americo vespucio born and brought up in Italy in the city of Florence. Ser Nastagio and … Continue reading

Americo Vespucio :historical influence

In the year 1508, after he had been for the two sail voyages to Americas he was given the became the Chief of Navigation of Spain and was also given the responsibility of making the plans of navigation for the sails to the Indies.There were two letters that are regarded to Vespucci which were produced … Continue reading