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Americo vespucio – early life and expeditions

Americo vespucio took birth in Ognissanti, Florence. He was a great Italian financier, explorer,  cartographer and navigator. He was born on March 9, 1454. The Americas have got their name from the Latin version of his first name “Amerigo”.

Americo vespucio born and brought up in Italy in the city of Florence.

Ser Nastagio and Lisabetta Mini were his parents and Americo vespucio was their third son. He received his education from Fra Antonio Vespucci, his uncle who was the dominican friar of San Marco.


Americo vespucio’s elder brothers went to the University of Pisa for pursuing their careers. Rather Amerigo lead a  tough life and emerged as a clerk in the Florentine Commercial house of Medici. The house of Medici was led by Lorenzo. Americo vespucio was favoured and protected by Lorenzo Pierfrancesco  who later had become the head of the business after Lorenzo de Medici died in 1492.Medici dispatched Americo vespucio aged thirty eight and Donato Niccolini as his confidential agents for inspection in one of their offices in Cadiz in Spain as there was a suspicion on the Managers and dealers there.

In the April of 1495, he Crown of Castile dismantled their deal with Christopher  because of the intrigues of Juan Rodriguez de Fonseca, a bishop. So, now these people started looking for other navigators and handed them with licenses for navigations to the West Indies. During this time, Americo vespucio was busy as the executor of an italian merchant, Giannotto Berardi who had died in Seville very recently. Amerigo then made arrangements to fulfil Berardi’s excellent contract with the Castilian Crown for providing about 12 vessels for the Indies. After their delivery also Vespucci continued to be a provision contractor for expeditions to Indies. He also is known to secure supplies of beef for one of Columbus’ voyage.

Between 1499 and 1502, Vespucci got in as an observer in many voyages exploring South America’s Eastern Coast at the invitation of King Manuel I of Portugal. The 1st of these voyages, the ship on which he was aboard discovered that Southern part of America was much more extended in the Southwards than it was previously told to be.

These expeditions became very popular and largely known in the European countries after two reports attributed to Americo vespucio were published in 1502 and 1504. In the year 1507,

Martin Waldseemuller created a map of the world on which when he marked the region of present day America he named it in the feminized latin form of Americo vespucio's first name.In a book written by Martin Waldseemuller, he wrote criticizing about Vespucci that he was attempting to bring down the popularity of Christopher Columbus.In the rediscovery of other letters by Vespucci in the eighteenth century were mainly the Soderini Letter which led to the thought that firstly published accounts were just interpretations of other people and were not originally created by Americo vespucio.