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Americo Vespucio :historical influence

In the year 1508, after he had been for the two sail voyages to Americas he was given the became the Chief of Navigation of Spain and was also given the responsibility of making the plans of navigation for the sails to the Indies.There were two letters that are regarded to Vespucci which were produced in his lifetime. A translation in Latin of a lost italian letter from Lisbon to Lorenzo di Pierfrancesco de' Medici was Mundus Novus meaning New World. A voyage to the South America has been described in it. Americo Vespucio known as Letera was an Italian letter written for Piero Soderini. It claimed to be a proof of four America voyages made by Americo Vespucio between 1497 to 1504. Later a Latin interpretation of the letter was also published by Martin Waldseemuller who was the one who named America after Amerigo Vespucci’s name. The translation appeared in Martin’s book Cosmographiae Introductio.

In the year,1508 Americo Vespucio was given the position of the chief navigator of Spain at a huge payment and was also commissioned to find a navigation school to standardize navigation techniques used by sea captains of Iberia during their world exploration. King Ferdinand was the one who made Americo Vespucio the Chief navigator of Spain. Vespucci even developed a basic yet accurate method for longitude determination.


Later in the period from 1700 onwards, there were three unpublished letters from Americo Vespucioto Lorenzo de' Medici got discovered.

One described a voyage that occurred in 1499-1500. It also is associated with the second voyage of Amerigo. Another was written before crossing the Atlantic in the early part of the 3rd voyage from Cape Verde in 1501. The third letter was penned from Lisbon after the completion of the third Voyage.


People have criticised Amerigo saying that in all his letters he has over emphasized his role. However, many people don’t believe that the two letters were written by him rather they believe that they were interpretations by others based in part on the original and actual letters by him. The enormous circulation and popularity of Amerigo Vespucci’s letters that might have influenced Martin Waldseemüller to have named the new continent of America on his creation of world map in 1507.


The two letters have been claiming that Americo Vespucio made 4 voyages to America,

while only two have been verified. Currently, historians are debating that when did Vespucci visit the land for the first time. Certain historians like Gabriel Camargo Perez and German Arciniegas claim that Amerigo’s first voyage happened in June 1497 with the Juan de la Cosa, a Spanish Pilot.


 Vespucci’s historical influence be rested in his letters, but we are doubtful of the fact that whether he wrote them all or not. These letters made the European people learn about the new continent of the Americas when they were discovered. In a few years after the discovery europeans became aware of Americas’ existence. Hence Americo Vespucio had a great historical influence especially the discovery of the continent of Americas.